Upcoming Content Marketing Trends for 2018

Content marketing has gone a long way—from being a work of art that many writers spend hours on before publication, to being thousand-long spun articles sprinkled with keywords. The online world has been a recipient of these low-quality materials for a while until search engines did a crackdown on them. This crackdown is good news for everyone because now, people have lots of high-quality articles to choose from. The days of lousy content are nearly over.

This 2017 has seen a more significant check-and-balance of search engines on websites. Before, pages with bogus backlinks could still get by and get high ratings. Sites full of poor content also had the chance to be on top of search rankings. In time, though, search engines got smarter, and they started getting rid of “junk” online.

If you own a website, it’s good to know what content marketing strategies will work for 2018. It may have been working for you for the past years, but as anybody knows, the rules always change when it comes to governing online marketing. It is understandable because social engines always have to upgrade their algorithms to dispose of bad content. Good content must stay online, and that’s the goal of why search engines keep on improving their rules.

We’re only three weeks away from 2018, and as a website owner, you have to be on the beat again to keep up with content marketing trends. It is better to get ahead than to procrastinate when it comes to upgrading your site.

Here are the upcoming marketing trends for 2018 that you must consider when planning your marketing strategies:

Infographics and video ads will reign in 20181. Upgrade from picture to video

The past few years have seen the rise of photos and infographics on advertisements and posted articles. Full-on text articles are now usually published with colorful visuals. San Diego-based marketing company, Break The Web also recently noticed the increase in videos coupled with adverts. Not many companies had the budget to release videos, though. But this coming 2018, more people will look forward to viewing more videos. Internet users are getting more visual and so, videos will captivate them even more and would have them stay on your site for longer. If you’ve wanted to improve your search engine ranking, consider moving from text and photo to video.

But do not just publish any video. Content and quality are crucial, so if you are not adept at video capture and editing, hire a professional or freelancer who can do the job for you. There are no limits to your creativity, so use the video platform to market your brand better.

2. Goodbye to affiliate and promoted blog content

There used to be a time where affiliate and promoted blog content was okay to read. Readers were fine with reading this type of articles, and they did not pay attention to having affiliates sprinkled on the entire post. However, people are now smarter and are now able to sieve through authentic and promoted content. It is now illegal, too, to post promoted content without adequately informing your readers. People don’t find promoted content genuine anymore no matter how “real” your experience is, so before accepting promotions, think twice. Do you find yourself standing up for this company?

Content marketing trends for 2018 are not vastly different from 2017. It is still essential for you to not to be overly tacky with your advertising techniques. You may not find monetary remuneration for your work now, but for sure, search engines will reward you in the future.