Frequently Asked Questions

What is Royalty Free music?

Royalty free music (also known as “buy-out music”) is music that you can have the license to use for a single fee, without the need to pay any subsequent royalties. You pay a one-time fee for unlimited usage of the music. At bobsongsmusic.com I charge only £1.50GBP regardless of the type of usage. You can use it in your videos, films and multimedia productions over and over and will NEVER incur further charges OF ANY KIND from me.

Put another way, “royalty free music” is a term used to describe music that you can use as much as you want, after having paid one single license fee (which is included in the price of the download/CD).
Technically it’s a “synchronisation” license to use the royalty free music in timed relation to visual images, ie the license you need to reproduce a piece of music in your audio/visual productions (in the UK, you may have obtained these in the past from the MCPS, in the US from ASCAP or BMI). Bobsongs music for media royalty free music can be used for Television, radio, corporate productions, podcasts, music on hold, presentations, mass-market retail distribution, Internet and films. Read the license terms and the licence page.

Surely royalty free music can’t be free?

Although popularly known as royalty free music, a more accurate description would be “license-paid music”. Not only do the tracks cost far less than many other licenses, but the other big advantage is that once you’ve downloaded the royalty free track(s), your license covers multiple uses. The license is to you (or your company) not the specific project you’re working on, so you can use the royalty free track(s) over and over again, on as many projects as you like. If you are working in feature film or tv and you file cue sheets for performing rights royalties for the music that you have used in your production, please include the composer (Bob Chambers) and publisher information (Bob Chambers/Bobsongsmusic).

So I only pay once?

That’s right – once you’ve paid for the download(s), you’re licensed to use the royalty free music track(s) on as many productions as you wish.

Please could you explain the license.

You can use the music within any multimedia production for the purposes of synchronization. Examples of usage: Computer games, television shows, films, music, flash animations, theatre, etc. If you plan to broadcast the project, cue sheets must be filed.

What can’t I do with the music?

You cannot redistribute the music as music tracks by themselves, in whole or in part for a fee or for free.

Can I download your CD’s?

Yes, you can, click on the album of your choice and follow the download links. Payment is through PAYPAL, but you don’t need a PAYPAL account. VISA, Mastercard etc are accepted.

Can I buy your CD’s?

Yes, you can buy my albums direct from bobsongsmusic (mail order). Payment is through PAYPAL, but you don’t need a PAYPAL account. VISA, Mastercard etc are accepted.

Can I use your music in my film/T.V. programme/Commercial/Presentation?

Yes you can. Please see Licence agreement & Terms & Conditions

Can you compose original music for a film project I’m doing?

Yes I can. e-mail me and let’s talk.